The Norwegian Institute of Children’s Books

About us

The Norwegian Institute of Children’s Books (NBI) was established in 1979 and works to develop knowledge of children and young peoples’ literature. The Institute is a private foundation that receives state funding.

NBI is situated on the 4th floor in the building "Halvbroren" at Solli Plass in Oslo.

Research and Circulation

The Norwegian Institute of Children’s Books works to strengthen research in the field of children’s literature. We work with colleges and universities on a number of research projects and collective networks, arrange open research seminars and assist students and researchers in finding relevant primary and secondary literature sources for their projects.


The Nordic Journal of Childlit Aestethics (BLFT) is a peer-reviewed electronic journal established in 2010 and published by The Norwegian Institute of Children’s Books. BLFT is an open access journal and publishes research articles in the Nordic languages and English. BLFT aims to explore the aesthetics of children’s literature, in addition to analogue and digital media, verbal and visual artistic expression and perspectives held of art and children.

The Norwegian Institute of Children’s Books Scholarship

Every other year, the Institute awards a scholarship to a contemporary literary research project in the field of children’s literature, with the help of funds donated by The Kari Skjønsberg Memorial Fund.

Outreach Projects, Courses and Tours

photo: NBI  
The Norwegian Institute of Children’s Books has considerable experience in hosting outreach projects for teachers of primary age and upwards, students, librarians, illustrators and others within the field.
NBI offers group tours of the Institute, as well as lectures on more contemporary children and young people’s literature in English. Visits must be arranged in advance.


The Ministry of Culture Awards for Children and Young People’s Literature

Norway’s foremost awards in the field of children’s literature were first established in 1948. Awards are given every year in the categories of Literature, Picture Book, Textbook, Debut Author, Illustration, Animated Series, and Literature in Translation. The Norwegian Institute of Children’s Books appoints the awards and acts as secretariat to the prize jury, in addition to organising the annual awards event.

Author Studies for Children and Young Adults’ Literature


Students from NBI's Author Studies.

Photo: Thomas Berman

NBI offers the only course in Norway designed for those who wish to write for children and young adults. What began as a test project between the years 2006 and 2009 has since constituted a permanent part of NBI’s work.
The course is designed as a part-time commitment over 2 years, organised in monthly seminars. 12 students are admitted on the strength of their own writing. A scholarship fund is reserved for 2 students with an Asian, Middle Eastern, African or Latin American background.
The course aims to:
  • Develop new authorships
  • Raise the artistic skills of up-and-coming writers and mediators of literature for children and young adults
  • Emphasise artistic and literary consciousness and professional skills, and to create better prospects for working as a writer
  • Develop competence in related professions