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Call for papers: Transformations: Teaching the Future

01. juli 2017

 Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy

 We seek articles (5,000-10,000 words) and media essays (overviews on books, film, video, games, performance, art, music, websites, etc. 3,000 to 5,000 words), shorter items for the “Methods and Texts” section, and items for the «Material Culture of Teaching” section, that explore how to teach in ways that spur innovative thinking about the future.

We welcome articles that go beyond overly-familiar dystopian or apocalyptic tropes to illustrate how teachers are employing the imagination in their courses to give tangible form to different worlds outside of the constraints of any given present. The issue will engage with what Joni Adamson and others have discussed as the “arts of futurity.”  The arts of futurity seek to give students in different disciplines and at different levels of education broader notions of how they might build a plausible, desirable, and socially equitable “future we want.” (This phrase is the title of the outcome document of the 2012 Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.)  We invite contributors to consider education broadly: How might teaching a “future we want” happen in larger civic or community planning groups?

Submissions should explore strategies for teaching “the future” and the “arts of the futurity” in the classroom and in non-traditional spaces (such as the media and public discourse). We welcome jargon-free essays from all disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.

We invite authors to think beyond the classroom to engage with methodologies and participatory events—such as literary engagements, games, film festivals, scenario-planning, or future-casting. How can these or classroom activities address both small and large scale social, energy, and environmental transitions to realize more equitable futures? How can they take into account the well-being of both humans and nonhumans, in all the places they live, work, move, swim, grow, worship or play?

Transformations is a peer-reviewed semi-annual journal published by New Jersey City University and Penn State University Press which invites college teachers to take pedagogy seriously as a topic in scholarly articles.

Transformations publishes only essays that focus on pedagogy. Submission guidelines

 Deadline: July 1, 2017

Possible topics for pedagogy-related articles:

  • The “arts of futurity”
  • The politics of teaching the future
  • Teaching representations of the future in literature, history, environmental studies and other disciplines (e.g., teaching the history of the future)
  • Teaching the future in cross-cultural and international contexts
  • Teaching the future in the K-12 classroom
  • Teaching the future in relation to gender
  • Teaching the future in relation to sexuality
  • Teaching the future in relation to race
  • Teaching students to imagine plausible and desirable futures, that account for present-day and future social formations, ecologies, and technologies
  • Imagining the futures of teaching and education
  • Teaching science fiction, climate fiction, and speculative fiction
  • Teaching dystopias and utopias
  • Using games to teach the future

Past issues of Transformations include: Teaching Community, Teaching Disability, Teaching Popular Culture, Teaching and Religion, Teaching Food, Teaching Feelings, Teaching Digital Media, Teaching Sex, and Teaching Earth. Please familiarize yourself with the journal before submitting. Read articles in previous journals. You can find them online via Project Muse and JSTOR.

To submit an article to Transformations, please visit our website and create an author profile. The online system will guide you through the steps to upload your article for submission to the editorial office: Please use MLA format (7th edition). Please send inquiries to Jacqueline Ellis and Ellen Gruber Garvey, Editors,


01. juli 2017
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