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CFP: Non-fiction renaissance due to the climate crisis?





Nordic Journal of Childlit Aesthetics is an international open access journal. The aim of the journal is to develop cross-disciplinary discussions on children’s literature and its interaction with other art forms.

We are currently inviting contributions to a discussion on the status and development of non-fiction for children and young adults.

The UN’s focus on the 17 sustainable development goals that all countries should achieve within 2030 has encouraged a vast range of activities. International climate conferences are inspiring local ones. Children are eager to participate. School strikes have spread worldwide. Thus, the interest in knowledge about the global climate and global ecosystems has reached a new level.

Non-fiction for children ought to be a suitable source for such information, hence the questions: Has the climate crisis given rise to an increased production of non-fiction texts for children and young adults? What are the aesthetics of texts aimed to meet children’s need for knowledge?

In non-fiction books, the readers are often encouraged to perform learning activities. Digital media may offer interactive opportunities for participation. Thus, another question: Does a potential non-fiction renaissance take place in paper books or in digital media, such as enriched e-books, computer and application games, rather than in paper books? If so, how does the change of media influence the aesthetics?

Nordic Journal of Childlit Aesthetics is seeking articles discussing these questions.

We hereby invite submission of articles on themes related to non-fiction, such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • How, and to what degree, do non-fiction texts pay heed to the current political situation? What is the pedagogical approach in such texts?
  • Non-fiction for children today is venturing at a definition. What is it, what does it aim to do, and how?
  • Is children’s increased political activity and interest influencing non-fiction publications in number and form?
  • Non-fiction’s subjects: Are they new, or a slight twist on the old? Has the scientific level, target group and literary form developed accordingly?
  • Visual and verbal presentation styles: Do they adapt to traditional children’s literature, or to the documentary, or are they indebted to other influences? What are non-fiction aesthetics today?
  • In what media is non-fiction developing? In paper book, comics, picturebook, enriched e-books, literary computer games, picturebook applications, etc.?

Submit your article or your idea for an article as an email attachment to redaksjonblft@gmail.com by 1 September 2020.

Do not include any contact information in the article itself. Please send the title of the article and a brief presentation of the author in a separate file.

For more information, see Guide for Authors

Nordic Journal of Childlit Aesthetics accepts articles in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and English. The journal uses double-blind review and publishes articles continuously.

The journal is designated scientific level 1 in NSD (Norway and Sweden), the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s Authorization list for serials (Denmark), and in Publication Forum (Finland).


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