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Veronica Salinas’ «Reisen» anmeldt i New York Times

Veronica Salinas, tidligere forfatterstudent ved NBI, nå forfatter, dramatiker og aspirant hos Leser søker bok, opplevde i høst å få sin bildebok Reisen (The Voyage) anmeldt i New York Times. Det er første gang en av våre tidligere studenter opplever å bli anmeldt i en av USAs store aviser:

Children’s Books

International Arrivals

Foto: Barnes&Nobles‘The Voyage,’ by Veronica Salinas, and More

«Whether they’re arriving by boat, plane or a great gust of wind, characters in three new picture books find themselves in unknown territory. Their stories focus not on the voyage over but on the complex journey that begins upon arrival, as they learn how to navigate a puzzling new world until it gradually turns into a place that feels like home. While many children’s books about the experience of immigration are rooted in particular cultures and histories, all three of these books emphasize the universal aspects of acclimating to the unfamiliar.»

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